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Romilda M. Vane
21 November 1997 @ 07:28 pm
Did any Gryff see that match??? ABOMINABLE, I SAY! We need to step it up a notch, yeah? If we don't, my pets, we are going to be absoluuuuteeeely slaughtered our next game! I s'posing that game was a fluke on our parts. (Well. That's what I'm hoping!)

Is everyone terribly busy? Because I miss the loads of people that used to use these journal-thingies... Is anything bad happening? Eeek, now I'm getting worried!!!

On a final note... CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Romilda M. Vane
13 November 1997 @ 04:07 pm
Yesterday, I received some post from my awesomelyawesometistic cousin in the States. He's an inventor, sort of!!! Chris works at some military-type thingy, where he works on national security stuff! He says it's loads of fun, though he isn't allowed to tell us much of what is going on!!! Chris claims that things are based heavily on your qualifications rather than your connections there... ANYWAY. It was just supremely lovely hearing from him.

When I graduate, I want to travel all over the world! It'll be fun -- anyone want to join me? Hee!

Okay, time to start revising, I suppose, since I don't have that much of an interesting life to talk about! (It's sooo dull. Someone, please save me!)
Romilda M. Vane
23 October 1997 @ 03:12 pm
I have this absolute craving for black cherry ice cream with chocolate chips. I know it's chilly out now and completely stupid of me to crave such a thing... I really hope Mr. Fortescue is well, wherever he is. I absolutely adored his selection of ice cream!!! Also, he knew a lot of good stories too, and it was loads of fun listening to him talk about the supremely zany things in medieval wizardry. Eating ice cream on a splendidly warm day while listening to brilliantistc stories -- it feels like a dream now.

Goodness. I feel very subdued now.
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Romilda M. Vane
10 October 1997 @ 09:19 pm
Whinge, whinge, whinge. I've noticed that loads of people have been doing this lately -- me included!!! Walking in the corridors, all I hear is, "Professor so and so did this and ohmygosh, so and so did that and bloody hell, Hogwarts is so dull!!!" In the words of these people, OHMYGOSH, SHUT UP!

Oops. I shouldn't have been so rude. But then again, I was complaining, just like everyone else! Would that make me a hypocrite, then? Ponderous! Um, yeah. You know, I'm already thinking about Christmas! Personally, I want one of those awesometistic silver cauldrons! Because, you know, certain difficult potions require specific materials. (Not that I would be brewing any this year! Wouldn't tell you if I did either;)

Hmmm. I was just thinking how super brilliante birthdays were, also. Anyone have any coming up?
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Romilda M. Vane
28 September 1997 @ 10:30 pm
I do think these good days are just contagious!!! Because lately, I have been having a ton of them lately. (Thank you Neville for passing it on! Hee!) I've been having such a wonderful time in Astronomy! My star charts are getting more accurate and that just makes me JOYOUS! Star-gazing is extremely relaxing, I think.

Transfiguration is still my weakest class. Sometimes I just kind of wonder if there's any point in transforming an object into animal or whatever. OH!!! Wait, I know where it would be useful -- if someone was running after you, you could transfigure a leather boot into an elephant or something so that they could be trampled!! That sounds thrilling, ha. Professor Switch is doing a marvelous job teaching. He's just so... natural, I suppose? (Why do I state the obvious?) ANYWAY.

Trixie, do tell your brother "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!" from me!!! (Though, I must admit he might not appreciate the sentiment as much because he doesn't know me!) Either way, it sounds all quite lovely.

Oh, if any of you want to go flying sometime, I'm available!
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Romilda M. Vane
17 September 1997 @ 01:40 pm
GOODNESS! There is NOTHING to bloody well do around here!!! I mean, there are classes and loads of homework and things to revise... but there are like no clubs or anything. Until the Quidditch roster is posted, there's nothing to look forward to, yeah? Argh! It is so frustrating! Well, not really but thinking about it makes me mad for no reason!

Ok. Moving ooonnn!

You, a lot students here at school don't even know basic meal etiquette! (I'm not talking about what fork or spoon or whatever use... more basic than that, folks!) I AM BEGGING YOU LOT, PLEASE CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED. It's disgusting!!!!!! (Merlin, look at that Ravenclaw eating. It's like flying out of his mouth! EW.)

On that note, also please don't speak when you have food in your mouth!!

Oh! It's time for me to head to Herbology! Cheerio, loves!
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Romilda M. Vane
08 September 1997 @ 11:40 pm
Finally. I have finished all the bloody assignments I received today. Merlin, it's late, but does it feel good to be done! I suppose things only get worse from here work-wise, right? Oh well. I'll manage. Being able to multi-task really helps too!

Anyway, I ought to discuss or at least mention the deaths and the free Death Eaters. But I don't really want to because it makes me extremely sad. I don't want to give the usual words of comfort because after a while it seems to become trite and totally overused. Just take care -- you know who you are. I don't particularly want to read about your deaths in the Prophet, too! And just a reminder, I love you all! (Usually.)

Meh. It seems like in the eyes of Vol You-Know-Who (here on known as YKW) our lives are like... I don't know. Expendable? ICK. I don't like that word at ALL. It's so grim.

All this sad news is making my bold writing go away. I bet some of you are joyous.
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Romilda M. Vane
03 September 1997 @ 02:39 pm
It's a little daunting to be back at Hogwarts! (And kind of sad, too, but I suppose I'll have to get over that!) Professor McGonagall, I'm going to miss you terribly! I know you'll still be in the school, but you were a brilliant Transfiguration Professor and a superfantabulous Head of House!

I must say that I had an interesting conversation this morning with a Slytherin. It was quite pleasant, in fact. And to imagine that started out with me eating my toast! (Bit of a long story, really.)

You know, I think people stereotype everyone so easily. It's interesting and sad at the same time.
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Romilda M. Vane
28 August 1997 @ 11:11 am
Um, hullo again! Father was able to take a short break from St. Mungo's so that's I wasn't on the journals!!! It was brilliant to see him again. He works so hard Healing. You can tell just by looking at him that he truly loves what he does!! Anyway. We did lots of things. Mum and I did a good bit of stargazing. (The Summer Triangle is absolutely stunning, I tell you!) Father read to me out of a newly published Potions thesis he procured in Diagon Alley. The theories were all old ones published countless times before, but were written in this amazingly clear manner without all the frilly words authors tend to use in such texts.

Father had to go back suddenly, though, with the Floo catastrophe. Oh well. It was a terrible incident and definitely important enough for him to be called back and help out. Hm. Am I the only a bit cautious of Flooing now?!

You all must find this dreadfully boring. I'm not allowed to do much, you see, with all the things that happened near the end of the year!!!

All in all, I had a superfantabulous couple of days!!!
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Romilda M. Vane
20 August 1997 @ 06:30 pm
It is time for ME, Romilda Vane, to make my absolutely fantabulous entrance on these journals!!! Er, just kidding!! I'm not exactly famous or anyone special so I don't expect people to be in awe!!! But that's okay!

Everyone's been writing about how either they HATE or just abso-bloody-lutely LOVE these journals! Frankly, I think they are simply smashing and quite fun! Perhaps my outlook will change later, but at the moment I am completely ecstatic! You see, Mum's been holing me up in the house practically all summer!!! I only stargazed once this summer, which is really pathetic! Urgh, she's so sodding paranoid these days, after everything that happened last year! But that's okay, I guess. Better to be safe than sorry!!!!

I'm a fifth year, just so all of you know! Gryffindor, too. I enjoy talking! A lot!

Er, well, I think I'll start perusing these wonderful scrolls once more, so cheerio for now, loves!!!
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